5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Messy Metal Garage Into a Tidy Workspace

5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Messy Metal Garage Into a Tidy Workspace

Has your metal garage become a dumping ground for the family’s unwanted clutter? Everything from old toys to outgrown clothes to rarely used tools.

It’s time to reclaim your space.


Are you ready to organize your metal garage? It may seem like an overwhelming task. But getting your ducks in a row beforehand and crafting a strategic plan of attack makes it much more doable. 

Don’t put it off until spring. Have a productive winter this year in your newly organized metal garage. Let’s get started!


Supplies to Clean Your Metal Garage


There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a project and realizing halfway through that you don’t have everything you need. Interrupting your workflow to go in search of supplies or taking a trip to the store isn’t the best use of your time. Avoid unnecessary headaches by having all your cleaning and organizing supplies ready before you start. 

These few key items don’t require a large haul from the hardware store. So no need to worry about breaking the bank. You probably already have everything you need to clean and organize your metal garage.

  • Work gloves
  • Broom
  • Shop vac (optional)
  • Trash bags
  • Baskets/ bins for sorting

Now that you have the right tools for the job, it’s time to tidy up your metal garage. How and where should you begin?


Decide What Goes and What Stays in Your Metal Garage


If your workspace is feeling a little cluttered, it may be time to let some things go. Your goal is to have an efficient space to store items you need and plan to use. With a nicely organized metal garage, you’ll have plenty of space to work on projects all year round.

There are probably many items hanging around your garage that you haven’t used or looked at in years. But they’re still in great shape, so throwing them away seems wasteful. Consider giving them a new life by selling or donating them. Items that are collecting dust in a corner of your metal garage can be enjoyed by someone who really needs them.

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of memory lane when you go through items you haven’t seen in a while. Staying on track is easy if you time yourself. Some families that tackle projects like this together enjoy making a game out of it. Whoever sorts their section first wins. 

Make 3 simple piles:

  • Keep
  • Sell/ Donate
  • Throw away

Sorting through all of the items in your metal garage doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can easily identify which things serve you and which no longer do. Decluttering is very liberating. And you’ll maximize the use of your metal garage when it contains only the items you truly need.


Divide Your Metal Garge Into Separate Areas


Have you ever dug through hockey sticks and gardening tools to get to the bin of winter jackets? There has to be an easier way!

Sorting your possessions into several different categories allows you to group similar items together. Looking for a soccer ball? Go straight to the sports area of your metal garage. Need a weedwhacker? Check the gardening section. 

Organize your metal garage into several or all of these areas:

  • Toys/ sports
  • Mechanic’s tools
  • Gardening
  • Clothing storage
  • Cleaning supplies

You no longer need to do a frustrating search for what you need. When your metal garage is an organized space, you locate exactly what you’re looking for – and grab it within seconds.


Give Your Metal Garage a Good Scrubbing


You’ve gotten most of the job done already. Unwanted items are gone and out of the way. You’ve completed the task of sorting your possessions into separate areas so you locate them easily. The next step is to give your metal garage a good cleaning.

It doesn’t have to be spotless and pristine. But sweeping the floor, removing debris, and cleaning up spills can go a long way in freshening up your metal garage space. Check for any unwelcome visitors like bugs, birds, or furry critters. Remove evidence of nests or cobwebs so they’re not tempted to come back.

Now that your metal garage is squeaky clean, you’re ready to put everything in its proper place.


Plan Your Storage to Maximize Available Space


Does it still seem like you have too much stuff for the space you have? Organization is the key to making it work. You’ve probably done a little research into storage options for your metal garage. There is a dizzying array of options out there. How do you know what’s right for you?

It all comes down to time, budget, aesthetics, and what types of items you want to store. Tool storage is entirely different from organizing seasonal clothing. The great news is that there are options to fit every budget.

You can purchase elaborate and expensive metal garage organization systems – complete with cabinets, shelves, and rolling trays. If that’s the look you’re going for and it fits your budget, you can opt for custom pre-fab storage.

But there are many low-budget storage options that effectively help you organize your metal garage. You can screw plastic bins or buckets to the wall to take advantage of vertical space. Instead of taking a trip to the hardware store, upcycle your existing mason jars or coffee cans to store small items like nails and screws. 

A few inexpensive metal strips can easily keep tools like screwdrivers and wrenches lined up and sorted by size. Free wooden pallets have infinite uses as bike racks, shelves, and vertical storage for rakes, shovels, fishing poles, etc.


It’s Time To Upgrade To a Larger Metal Garage


You’ve cleaned, decluttered, and organized. You let go of items that you don’t need anymore. What you have left is what you truly need to keep. But you’re still tight on space. That means it’s time to move into a larger space or add to what you already have.

If you’re unsure of how much space you need, we’re happy to help. Give us a call today at 844-482-4751, our helpful staff is here to answer all your questions.

You deserve to enjoy an organized metal garage that comfortably fits all of your needs. Let’s work together to bring your ideas to life.



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