Easy 6-Step Checklist to Prep Your Metal Shop Building for Winter

Grey and black metal shop building has been fully winterized

Easy 6-Step Checklist to Prep Your Metal Shop Building for Winter

You’ve had a busy and productive year so far. You took full advantage of the warm summer months to get a multitude of tasks checked off your to-do list. But colorful fall foliage and crisp temperatures are a friendly reminder that winter is just around the corner.

There’s no reason to slow down just because the weather gets cold. You made the savvy choice and decided to build a low maintenance metal shop instead of a wooden one. 

To ensure your winter is just as productive as your summer – take a few simple steps to winterize your metal shop. Are you deciding which type of metal shop design is the best one? Or are you looking to optimize the one you already have? Either way, these helpful tips get your winter started on the right foot.


Choose an A-Frame Vertical Roof for Your Metal Shop


At NC Structures and Carports, we offer several types of roof styles. Which type you choose may depend largely on the climate where you live and work. Is your metal shop located in the Southern United States? If so, winter may bring cold temperatures, but not much snow and ice. Our round-roof style is an affordable option that is perfect for mild winters.


What if you plan to build a metal shop in a harsher winter climate? Choosing an A-Frame Vertical Roof style helps your shop withstand the heavy snow and ice coming your way. You’ll stay busy all winter long knowing your metal shop is built to keep you safe and warm in any climate.


Insulate Your Metal Shop to Increase Production


If your metal shop is primarily used for storage – insulation isn’t a must. Your tools, boxes of photo albums, toys, and other valuables don’t mind a little chill in the air. But what if you plan to work in your metal shop? Or if you work in agriculture, your shop may be used to house animals in the colder months. Insulation keeps both people and animals safe from frigid temperatures.

At NC Structures and Carports, we offer four different types of insulation for your metal shop. Depending on the climate and how you plan to use the structure, you can choose from:

  • Single-bubble 
  • Double-bubble 
  • 2-inch fiberglass 
  • Prodex insulation

If you’re unsure which type of insulation is best for your metal shop, our friendly staff can help.


Clear The Roof of Debris 


It’s important to inspect the roof of your metal shop. Remove any debris like branches or leaves. Even something as small as pine needles or dirt can clump and hold moisture. Over time, this can rust and otherwise damage your valuable investment.

A quick visual inspection shows you if anything needs to be removed. Getting rid of pesky debris can often be done with a broom or water hose. A few minutes of maintenance can protect your roof long-term.


Cut Back Branches Near Your Metal Shop


You may have built your metal shop in a wooded area with trees nearby. Or if you’re using it as a commercial building – maybe you chose to landscape it with bushes and shrubs for a professional touch.

Either way, cutting back any branches that are near your metal shop is a good idea. Snow-laden leaves and twigs that aren’t properly trimmed can repeatedly rub against the side of your building. And snow and ice weigh heavily on trees. The last thing you want is a branch breaking under the weight and falling on your shop. 


Wash Your Metal Shop


Can you really wash a metal shop? Most definitely. There are two simple and easy ways to wash the exterior of your metal shop – including the roof. Either use a soft-bristled brush or pressure wash on the low or gentle setting. 

You probably already have the perfect cleaning product thing under your kitchen or bathroom sink. You don’t need any fancy cleaning products. Simply use water and a mild detergent. Make sure to rinse your metal shop thoroughly when done.


Keep Your Metal Shop Organized This Winter


Maintaining a clean and tidy shop is key to having a productive winter. Why is that? Most of us use entirely different items as the seasons change. Our winter chores are different from our summer tasks. 

Taking the time to organize and shift gears allows you to get the most out of the new season. Imagine coming into your shop and getting right to work. No more sifting through old summer projects and climbing over things you don’t need at the moment. 

It’s easy to get excited about work when everything you need is easy to access and within reach. You’re not slowed down by items you don’t need because they’re stored safely out of your way. 


A Metal Shop Saves You Time and Money


The six steps we reviewed are simple, easy, quick to complete, and cost-effective. That’s why you chose to build a metal shop instead of a wood or stick-built one. You don’t need to spend valuable time painting wood or treating it with toxic chemicals to keep bugs away. Your metal shop is built to last without fear of warping or rotting.

At NC Structures and Carports, we proudly support American manufacturing. We also offer a 20-year limited warranty on all of our metal shop buildings. Be confident that your low-maintenance shop is built to withstand all the snow, ice, wind, and freezing temperatures for many winters to come.


Want More Winterizing Tips?


If you have questions about how to prep your metal shop for winter, give us a call at 844-482-4751. We have experience helping customers just like you stay warm and productive all-year-round. Our friendly staff is happy to provide helpful tips.

Maybe you haven’t built a metal shop yet or are ready to expand. Don’t put off till spring what can be done today. Let’s discuss your wish list and help you design the perfect building to suit your needs. Imagine working in your new shop in a few short weeks. What an amazing winter you’ll have!



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