A fully customized red metal barn

3 Benefits of Building a Metal Barn Instead of a Wood One

A fully customized red metal barn

3 Benefits of Building a Metal Barn Instead of a Wood One

Agriculture is booming! After much uncertainty in the last few years, things are moving in the right direction. You’ve run out of room and it’s time to build.

Now you have an essential decision to make: Will you choose a metal barn or a wood one?

It may seem like a simple choice of aesthetic, but it’s not just a matter of which style looks better. As with many decisions, there are pros and cons to each option. At NC Structures & Carports, we’ve seen three main benefits of choosing a metal barn, and we’ve helped hundreds of happy customers create the best barn for their property. Here are the three main perks of metal barn building.

A Metal Barn Can Be Built Faster

In agriculture – as with all businesses – time is money. Your work changes throughout the year and you must rely on predictable schedules. Stick-built wood construction is a lengthy process that often has unexpected delays. You’re too busy to wait around for that.

You need the extra space NOW. Your business is too important to wait around for a long and tedious building process. Your machinery, supplies, or animals need a safe, weatherproof space. Speed is everything!

We can build your metal barn quickly and efficiently. Depending on your location, the metal barn building process can be completed in as little as 2 weeks after placing your order. If you live in a remote area, it may take 4 to 8 weeks. That’s still weeks or even months earlier than if you chose to build with wood.

As a business owner, you’re an expert at making quick decisions. Your livelihood depends on your ability to weigh all the options and make the best choice. If you need reliable space in a hurry, then a metal barn is the way to go.

But time isn’t the only factor. What else should you consider?

Save Money With a Metal Barn

For many people, agriculture is a way of life. Property, livestock, machinery, and businesses are passed down through generations. But no matter what business you’re in or where your passion lies – it all comes down to making money.

Over the years, you’ve perfected your business. You compare prices to make smart purchases. You know which suppliers have the best bargains. And you know exactly what supplies should cost – and you sure aren’t going to pay a penny over what they’re worth.

Building a metal barn is one of the best money-saving secrets in the biz. While your neighbors are opting for expensive, stick-built barns, you’re making the savvy investment.

Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you’re settling for lower quality. Our American-made steel metal barns come with a 20-year limited warranty. So, you can rest assured your investment will stand the test of time. We proudly support American manufacturing and build our barns to last.

Not only do metal barn materials cost less, but NC Structures & Carports offers free installation. That means you pay zero dollars for labor. Good luck getting similar offers on wood barn construction. A custom wood barn can cost upwards of $50 per square foot in labor costs alone.  That’s thousands of extra dollars.

Since you’ve decided to build a metal barn, then all that money goes right back in your pocket. Imagine what you can do with the savings! You can reinvest that money right back into your business or add it to your bottom line.

A Metal Barn Is Easy to Customize

When it comes to the agriculture industry, profits depend on everything running smoothly. But your business is unique, so most pre-fab wood barn options just aren’t going to suit your needs.

When cookie cutter options won’t cut it, being able to customize a metal barn to your exact specifications is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.  

You may have height requirements for big machinery. Or multiple points of entry for people, animals and supplies to move freely. Besides a large, open storage space, you may need smaller areas for offices or worker accommodations. You may need a specific number of windows or doors to allow for proper ventilation. We’ve helped everyone from small farmers to large corporate clients design the perfect spaces.

Pre-fabricated wood barns simply don’t give you the options you need. And customized stick-built construction is extremely costly and time-consuming. Your business deserves better.

To save time, money and frustration, your best bet is having a metal barn designed exclusively for your business. Check out our 3D Building Designer to test out options and start your custom design today.

We Can Help Your Growing Business

Whether it’s plants, animals, or both – agriculture is all about growth. Having a safe, weatherproof metal barn to work and store items allows your business to reach its full potential.

You’ve thought about building a wood barn, but to be competitive in today’s economy, you can’t afford to wait. And why waste money on costly stick-built construction? A metal barn lets you expand your business while leaving more money in your pocket.

Handling your business’s finances can be a juggling act. Knowing when and how to invest in a new building can be a tough decision. We make it easy for you with a variety of financing options.

If you’re ready for a new workspace, we can help. Are you hands-on and know exactly what you want? Many customers enjoy using our 3D Building Designer. Maybe you have a general idea what type of metal barn you need. But there’s nothing quite like seeing your ideas come to life. With our 3D Building Designer you can try out multiple metal barn designs before deciding on the perfect one.

Your style and configuration options are virtually limitless. Wanting to delegate the design work to the experts? Our friendly staff is here to turn your business’ unique needs into blueprints. One of our team members will explain your options and customize a design specifically for your business.



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