Metal shop with 5 bays and side door entrance

4 Important Things to Do Before Building Your Metal Shop

Metal shop with 5 bays and side door entrance

4 Important Things to Do Before Building Your Metal Shop

Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a metal shop building. You’re thrilled to have the perfect space to work, finally. You figured out all the design details –

  • Dimensions
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Roof style
  • Location
  • Color

You know exactly why you need a metal shop building and what you’ll use it for. Maybe it’ll be the place where you keep your fun toys – riding mower, motorcycle, jet ski, tractor, boat, etc.

Or you’re finally ready to start or expand your business. You ran out of space in the basement or your friend’s garage. It’s time to take things to the next level. You thought about exactly what you needed and ordered your metal shop.

You’re ready to sit back and let the installation crew build your metal shop. But wait – is there anything else you should do before they arrive?

Here are 4 essential steps to take before your metal shop is built. Let’s walk through them.

Step 1: Level the Spot for Your Metal Shop


There are several reasons why building your metal shop on level land is helpful. A clear, level spot looks more polished and professional. Do you plan to use your shop for business? An aesthetically pleasing location goes a long way in impressing your clientele.. It shows them you know what you’re doing and are serious about delivering quality work.


Safety is another reason to level your building spot. Our installation crews work quickly and efficiently. And being able to move around on a level spot allows them to complete their tasks safely. Once your metal shop building is ready for use, your employees can go about their work. They won’t need to worry about the hazards of navigating uneven terrain.


We understand that your metal shop is a substantial investment. Building on level land secures your shop from unwanted leaks. Also, leveling your building site prevents door malfunctions. When your doors can open and close properly, your valuables are protected from weather (and unwelcome animals).


Step 2: Leave Space Around Your Metal Shop


It’s crucial to leave a minimum of three feet around your entire metal shop building. We understand that in some locations, space is at a premium. It can be tempting to put every square inch to use. But there are several reasons why leaving this extra space around the structure is beneficial.


Leaving three feet of space allows our installers to move freely and work safely. When they have the room to work properly, you can trust the job is done right. And once your metal shop is completed, you’ll be able to access it from all angles. So no need to worry about a cramped access. You’ll be able to perform any future inspections or maintenance with ease.


What else do you need besides the clear, level spot you’ve chosen to build your metal shop? We’re glad you asked. Our installation crew needs room to park their equipment. You can expect our builders to show up with a heavy-duty pickup truck hauling a 40-foot trailer. Please allow 65 feet of parking space. This way our metal shop builders can easily access tools and materials.


Step 3: Check for Utility Lines


A key step in the building process is checking for utility lines. It may be easy to spot where power or cable lines run over your property. But you may be completely unaware of gas, water, or sewer lines underground.


A simple call to 811 is the best way to avoid unexpected complications in the building process. Your city, county, or municipality will come to your property and mark the location of any underground utility lines.


This allows you to anchor your metal shop safely. And avoids any threats like puncturing electric or gas lines. Knowing where any underground utilities are located is important. It ensures your metal shop build to proceed without interference.


Are there any above-ground lines that run through your building spot? Make sure they’re turned off for the duration of the setup process. Our installation crews require 10 feet of overhead space to work safely.


Step 4: Look Into Permits Required for Your Metal Shop


Do you need a permit to build a metal shop? It depends on where you live. The rules vary quite a bit from one state to another, and even from one town to another. Get answers to your permitting questions by visiting your local building department website.


Are permit details hard to locate on your town or county website? Just give them a call or stop by the local office. The staff is happy to provide you with everything you need.


Make sure to ask about local building codes. Your metal shop must comply with all local codes. Depending on where you live, there may be wind or snow load ratings to consider. Your local building department will have a comprehensive list of everything you need. They’re happy to support local businesses and residents. And they’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.


Now You’re Ready to Build Your Metal Shop


You want your build to go off without a hitch. You already know all the design details. Things like square footage, roof style, number and type of doors and windows needed, color, etc.


Follow these 4 simple steps so your metal shop can be built quickly and safely. If you:


  • Level the building spot
  • Leave 3 feet around the entire metal shop
  • Check for utility lines
  • Get permits required by local authorities


You’re ready to go! Your metal shop building process will be easy and hassle-free. You have enough things to worry about. Setting up the shop of your dreams shouldn’t be one of them.


This is a significant investment that you’ve given a lot of thought to. It’s possible you still have questions. We get it. Whether your concerns are about financing, function, or design – we’re here to help.


Our helpful staff has helped thousands of happy customers choose the perfect metal shop building to fit their needs. Whether you need a modest shop to tinker on household projects – or a massive space to launch your business – we’ll help you find exactly what you need.


Give us a call to get the process started right away. We’re ready to make your dream shop a reality



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