Weatherproof metal shop building for your local business

3 Reasons Why Fall Is the Most Exciting Season to Build a Metal Shop

Weatherproof metal shop building for your local business

3 Reasons Why Fall Is the Most Exciting Season to Build a Metal Shop

Fall is the season of new beginnings. You finally get a break from the sweltering heat. There’s a refreshing crispness in the air. Kids go back to school. Businesses gear up for the last quarter of the year. And the holidays aren’t far off.

With the new season, everything seems possible. You feel a renewed sense of focus. And you’re excited to start new projects. There’s something exhilarating about fall. It’s as if vacation mode switched off, and now you’re in your “get stuff done” mode.

First things first – you need space to work. If you’ve been putting it off, now’s the perfect time to order your metal shop building. Let’s see why owning a metal shop building benefits your life.

Build a metal shop before it gets cold

You have countless projects on your to-do list. You’d love to get them all done. But where? Your basement is dark and cramped. Plus, you don’t feel inspired to tackling on projects when you’re crammed between boxes of old toys and the washing machine.

Working outside seems like a reasonable option. The weather is cool and sunny, perfect for getting things done. But the frigid winter months will be here before you know it. And all those projects you were excited to get done are put off till spring – again.

If you had a weatherproof metal shop, you could stay inspired and productive all winter. On long, dreary days when everyone gets cabin fever, you won’t. You’ll be getting stuff done. Instead of a Netflix marathon on the couch, you’ll be busy having fun in your metal shop. It’s your man cave – your space to set up your tools and keep things organized, just the way you like.

You’re probably wondering, why worry about this now? You’re enjoying ideal weather to work outdoors. Metal shop builders are in high demand right now. It takes about four weeks on average from order to installation. Our friendly staff can help you decide which metal shop design fits your needs best.

While you’re waiting for your metal shop building to be installed, you can enjoy working outside in the crisp fall weather. In a few short weeks, your new shop will be up and ready. You’ll have plenty of time to organize your space before the cold winter months force you indoors.

But this winter, you get to enjoy a brand new metal shop instead of heading to the basement. Think of all the cool projects you’ll finally be able to complete in your new space.

Is your metal shop building tax deductible?

If you’re building a metal shop for your business, the tax benefits are considerable. There are a few things you need to know before writing off the expense.

It’s common knowledge that persons working from home can deduct a portion of their expenses like electricity, mortgage, internet, etc. A tax professional can advise you as to which items should be tracked and how to calculate the deductions you’re entitled to.

If your detached metal shop building is used exclusively for business, you can write off the entire expense of building and maintenance. Any repairs or utility expenses are also deductible. The IRS offers to deduct a set amount per square foot. But if you keep your receipts and track the expenses, you often get a higher deduction.¹

Imagine working in a brand new metal shop. Your business will grow in exciting new directions now that you have a weatherproof, professional space to work in. And you can take every penny of the expenses off your taxes.

If you order and install your new metal shop before the end of the year, you can take this considerable deduction off your 2022 tax bill. What an innovative way to save money and move your business forward!

Be part of the local business movement

Small and local businesses are what this country runs on. Whether you plan to use your metal shop exclusively or in part for business, you’re part of an exciting movement. A survey found that 7 in 10 Americans intentionally seek out and support local businesses.² And 57% of people say they shop local to keep money in their community.³

Just think, your metal shop allows members of your community to support a local business. When your business earns money, where do you spend it? You probably shop at the local grocery and hardware stores. You eat at local restaurants and get produce from local farmers’ markets.

If you’re ready to start or expand a business, now’s the time to build a metal shop. Traditional stick-built construction takes too long and costs too much. You have a business to run. And time is money.

If you order a metal shop today, you can work – and make money – in it within a few short weeks. Check out our website for some of our most popular sizes and styles. If you don’t see what you need, chat with one of our friendly staff. We’ll be happy to customize one to fit your requirements.

Speak with a leading metal shop builder

Fall is a season of productivity. It’s time to step away from the procrastination of lazy summer days. You’re ready to take on new challenges. What are your goals for this fall?

Maybe it’s time to finally start the business you’ve dreamed about. Or, after a lucrative year, you’re ready to expand. All your hard work is paying off. Set yourself up for financial success in the new year with a tax-deductible metal shop building.

Don’t put it off any longer. There are plenty of reasons to get started today. Your metal building can be up and running long before the cold winter months arrive.

Your neighbors and community are ready to support local businesses just like you. All you need is a great location to let your creativity and hard work flow.

If you’re unsure what type of metal shop fits your needs, give us a call. Our experienced staff is ready to learn about your business and offer solutions.

Fall is all about taking bold moves. Your ideas have exciting potential. We can help you make them happen.

¹The Tax Deduction for a Separate Structure Used for Business

² Local Business Consumer Sentiment Study

³Buying Local Statistics for 2021: Survey Finds 70% of Americans Shop Small



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